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Strong Space Men’s Counselling Service, Australia

Reshaping website content for an enhanced user experience and better readability

The client

Matthew Musgrave, the funder of Strong Space Counselling saw a gap in the market for a men’s only, online counselling service in Australia. After gaining his qualifications, Matt opened Strong Space Counselling in a bid to help men from all types of backgrounds and experiences with their mental health, including issues such as addiction, anger management, fatherhood and relationship problems.

Strong Space Counselling offers a unique service, as all counselling can be completed online via video call or simply over the phone. Matt, the founder and head counsellor, has had nothing but success since opening Strong Space and now has full books with male only clients across Australia. As a passionate advocate of helping people with their ill mental health, and openly discusses my own, helping Matt with his website was one of my favourite projects.

The problem

Matthew contacted me wanting to enhance his website and have all web copy, articles and resources copyedited. He felt he was amazing at the business and people side of running his men’s counselling service, but wasn’t enjoying the writing part – that’s where I came in!

Matt’s website had all the content you’d need but the writing lacked conciseness and some sections were repeated across different pages. He needed pages written with helpful resources to help his clients when they’re not in therapy too.

Not only did Matt need someone to rewrite and edit his content, he also needed someone who knew how to manually update the content online as he didn’t have time to input the changes. Luckily for Matt, I’ve experience with web design and I understand how to use and update websites using SquareSpace, WordPress and Drupal software – I even know a little bit about coding, but let’s not get too braggy here.

The solution

First, we discussed which pages were the most important and I prioritised those.

I copyedited Strong Space’s Home Page, About Us, Getting Started, Services and Location pages first to help current and potential clients have a more streamlined experience, helping to gain Matt new clients.

Then, we discussed his resources page. He needed a list of useful resources of departments, services community groups and websites across Australia that are familiar with men’s mental health and would be helpful for his male clients who are struggling. I did some extensive and very detective-like researching, finding the very best people to help Matts clients and swiftly added them to the Resources page, including address, website and contact details. I designed the page so it’s easy to consume and with all links opening to a new tab to not take users away from the Strong Space site. You can take a look for yourself here.

Then, the next step was copyediting all the service pages and making the information succinct, helpful and easy for busy males to consume.

Lastly, Matt needed more calls to action that encouraged men with ill mental health to feel comfortable in reaching out. Potential clients needed to know exactly what would happen when they contacted him so something that might seem daunting felt less so.

The results

The Strong Space Counselling Website is now easy to understand, the information is concise and the overall user experience has been enhanced. Matt was stoked with the new look and even called me a wizard – I’m not sure if I love the new name, but I’ll take that from a happy client!

Visit the Strong Space Counselling website here

“You’re a wizard! This is exactly what I wanted, thank you so much!”

Matthew Musgrave, Founder of Strong Space Counselling Australia.